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Low pressure roof cleaning

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Low pressure roof cleaning Melbourne

The roof is an integral part of the house, yet it is the most neglected!

The build-up of dirt on the roof not only makes your roof unappealing to the eye but also damages and weakens it.

A low-pressure cleanse is the most effective yet safest way to clean the roof without damaging it.

Look Out For the Signs

Your roof needs to get a timely deep clean. But if you're looking for a reason to start, then these are the signs you should be looking out for:

  1. Algae: A dark green or black spots on your roof.
  2. Moss: A green sponge-like substance.

What is Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning the roof, using water from a standard hose is not enough.

To get rid of the dried dirt, algae, and moss the water needs to be sprayed at a specific pressure.

Through a mix of low pressurized water machines and detergents, low pressure cleaning will make your roof looking brand new, without damaging the tiles internally.

The Best Choice For Low-Pressure Cleaning

Not all roof cleaning companies use the same method or products for cleaning the roof.

Usage of strong chemicals and high pressurized water cleaning is damaging to the roof. Your roof might look clean, but the health of your roof might be severely compromised.

Hence, while choosing a company for getting your roof cleaned, it's essential to note whether or not do they use a low-pressure water technique for roof cleaning.

At OZ Gutter Pro, our priority is to keep your roof immaculate without any damage. That is why we excel at low pressure roof cleaning!

Professional Low-Pressure Water Roof Cleaning Services

Professional low-pressure water cleaning is the perfect damage-free cleaning solution for all roofs.

  1. Protecting Your Tiles

Have you noticed the small cuts in your tiles?

Low pressure water cleaning gently cleans the surface of the tiles. The water is angled in a way that it doesn't directly hit the cuts preventing the cuts from widening and weakening the tiles internally.


  1. Protecting the Shingling

The reason we do not prefer using strong chemicals and high pressurized water because when either is sprayed on the roof, the protective granules on the shingling’s may get damaged and fall off.

This will make the roof appear more worn out and even make it more prone to leakage.

By using low pressurized water, algae and moss are gently washed away while keeping the protective granules intact!

  1. Keeping The Aluminum And Steel Tiles Intact

To keeping aluminum and steel tiles protected, low pressure water hits the tiles with just the right pressure that they can bear without being damaged.

Strong detergents may strip or chip off the paint or aid in the deteriorating of the tiles.

Thus, we gently spray the water on the aluminum and steel tiles to get rid of the moss and debris without harming the paint on the tiles.

OZ Gutter Pro Managing The Pressure!

Piled up moss and algae aren’t just unpleasant to the eye; it also considerably weakens your roof.

OZ Gutter Pro offers low-pressure roof cleaning services that not only make your roof spotless clean but also maintain its sturdiness without damage.

With the team of experienced and professional cleaners, your roof will be in safe hands!

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