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Fascia renewal

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Fascia renewal Melbourne

Have you noticed the board near the roof of the home that carries the guttering? Those are Fascia.

Do you know what could happen to your home in case of damaged fascias?

Is a Fascia Renewal Really Important?

Acting as a fort between the guttering and your home, the fascia board ensures water does not seep into your home or ground.

Unfortunately, if your fascia boards are damaged or in need of complete replacement, here’s what could happen if you don’t fix it straight away:

  • Damage inflicted upon home frames
  • Water could come running into the house, especially in the attic
  • Development of mold and rot
  • Water penetrates into the ground, leaving your home with major structural damage

If you want your home and its inhabitants protected, fascia renewal is essential. Here to assist you in the endeavor, OZ Gutter Pro enter to help you identify and fix all your fascia problems.

Types of Fascia

You must be wondering what type of fascia suits your house best.

Worry not! Leave it up to the experts at OZ Gutter Pro.

The many choices of Fascia include:

  • Wooden Fascia,
  • Aluminum Fascia,
  • Vinyl Fascia,
  • Unplasticized Vinyl Fascia,
  • Composite Materials.

We will make a site visit to examine your roof and as per its needs, we will choose the perfect fascia for you, as well as work out the cost.

Choosing The Right Fascia

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your fascia board, and do not let a fascia provider tell you otherwise.

When choosing the right fascia, decide among these three vital components:

  1. Color of Wood: Choose the right color of wood that matches your soffits and trim so that it gives your house the complete look that you want.
  2. Undercoat and Primer Hues: Choose the right shade of undercoat and primer which provide your fascia with a uniform finish.
  3. Material: Choose such a material for the fascia, which not only holds the trim, but is also equipped to withstand the Australian climate.

A good fascia should be strong, low-maintenance, and durable – and that is exactly what the team at OZ Gutter Pro gives you.

Our Process to Impeccable, Functional Fascias

Instead of fixating on one method of fascia renewal and applying it on all homes, we mold our services to your house’s needs.

#Method 1: To repair the damages within your fascia, one way to fix it is by removing the top boards that are damaged and applying a fresh coat of primer and then an undercoat.

#Method 2: Another much friendly method is to replace the fascia with uPVC. Not only does it give your house a modern aesthetic, but it also acts as a low maintenance fixture that doesn’t require much attention in the future.

Using either of the two popular methods, or creating a new, customized one just for you – we make sure to get your fascia boards fixed, in no time.

Get Your Fascia Renewed

If an unclean, damaged, or ineffective fascia graces your home – take the hint and call a fascia renewal company straight away.

With only the best and modern methods of fascia installation, OZ Gutter Pro has all the required tools and skills for a quality fascia renewal for your home.

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