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Specialty cleaning

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Specialty cleaning Melbourne

During a regular cleaning, many areas around the workspace tend to get overlooked — mainly because they are not immediately visible.

Whether it is upholstery, windows, and walls, the interior of cabinets, or appliances – these corner and tight spaces need proper cleaning.

They can be the difference in your commercial building's outstanding image, and it is equally important to take care of them.

How can you ensure every inch of your building is cleaned with precision? Oz Gutter Pro’s specialty cleaning service.

Why You Need Specialty Cleaning

What better way to leave a lasting impression than a spotless interior?

At Oz Gutter Pro, we aspire to help you achieve your goals by providing you with the best specialty cleaning services to makeover your space and retain its true elegance.

While you invest your time in work, our miracle workers will take care of all the deep cleaning tasks around.

No task is too challenging for our team of experts, who have years of experience working with stubborn and pesky stains, cracks, and streaks.

All Areas Covered With Specialty Cleaning

Specialty cleaning is an all-in-one package that covers all the aspects of your workspace with specific attention to detail.

Our team focuses on the following tasks:

  1. Window Cleaning

Your windows will be cleaned with special scrubs and detergents to allow maximum sunlight inside and bolster your outside view.

  1. Upholstery and Carpet Steam Cleaning

Stains and spills on furniture and carpet require rigorous cleaning. We will make sure they are removed and your upholstery smells as fresh as new.

  1. Wall Washing

Walls tend to stain or dull over time. Our pressure washing ensures their shine is restored while the furniture in your office or commercial area is not harmed.

  1. Stripping and Polishing Flooring

The floor is the most used part of any building. From dirt to spills, it can lose its sparkling finish. We strip out the dirt and polish the flooring to leave your premises spotless and sparkling.

  1. Interior Cabinet Cleaning

Storage areas are difficult to clear, and hence they are hardly every cleaned. We reach every corner and leave no space for dirt or germs to gather.

  1. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is a busy place in any office making it also one of the dirtiest. We thoroughly clean and disinfect kitchen floors, surfaces, and seating, to provide a healthy environment.

  1. Specific Areas

You can let us know if there any areas that need us to pay more attention to and we will be more than happy to cater to your requirements. Oz Gutter Pro covers all of your specialty cleaning needs, so you do not have to look elsewhere.

Specialty Cleaning With Professionals

Over time with wear and tear, neglect, or damage, it can become tedious to clean up on your own.

Do not worry about undertaking the tiring and complex cleaning on your own. We are here to take care of it all while you can focus on your work.

Oz Gutter Pro: Where You Can Have It All

Finding a cleaning service to deal with different aspects of your building is too much of a hassle. Save time and money by hiring the best specialty cleaners in Melbourne — Oz Gutter Pro!

From windows and walls to cabinets and kitchens, we have one mission: to leave your commercial space as sparkling as the day you first walked through its doors!

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