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Solar panel cleaning

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Solar panel cleaning Melbourne

Solar panels have become a popular choice to power homes all around Australia. Afterall, they provide cost-efficient and clean energy.

However, keeping your solar panels clean is necessary for their smooth functioning. If you think that cleaning them is as simple as cleaning your windows, then think again. Afterall, it requires time, effort, and expertise.

At Oz Gutter Pro, we offer solar panel cleaning so you have unlimited access to sustainable energy without any hassles.

Solar Panels Maintenance

Investing in solar panels does indeed reap your benefits for many years.

However, that does not mean everything is foolproof—solar panels need to be taken care of properly, so problems do not develop over time.

Hence, you must plan bi-yearly, or yearly inspections and cleaning to stay cognizant of potential problems.

How Do You Know There Is A Problem?

Usually placed outside or on the roof, solar panels can easily get dirty.

Birds, debris, snail trails, bad weather conditions, or storms, can damage the panels – restraining them from performing at their optimum level.

Common problems that might occur in solar panels include:

  • Decreased output, electrical issues.
  • Delamination and internal corrosion
  • Hot spots
  • Micro-cracks
  • Inverter issues

If you find yourself facing any one of the issues above, you should immediately contact the cleaning professionals before the issues exacerbate.

How Does The Solar Panel Cleaning Process Work?

Cleaning solar panels is a job for professionals due to the nature and the complexity of the work and the tools required.

Experts at Oz Gutter Pro will first follow the instruction and warning manual of the solar panels installed at your place so that they are extra careful during the cleaning process and no stone is unturned.

The process is simple and straightforward:

  • An appointment is scheduled, an expert from Oz Gutter Pro will first analyze the situation before recommending the best options.
  • Pleasant weather is chosen — preferably cloudy weather.
  • We turn off the power for safety reasons.
  • Usually, using a soft brush we remove dust on the panels.
  • Then, with distilled and de-ionized water we ensure energy production at an optimum.
  • Our experts use sponges very gently and methodically in circular motions to clean the panels.
  • No use of harsh chemicals, detergents, abrasive materials like steel wool.
  • The panels are dried with a soft cloth thoroughly to ensure no mineral damage to the panels.
  • When they have dried completely, the power is turned back on.

Setting The Highest Standards

Oz Gutter Pro understands the hard work and nitty-gritty that go into cleaning solar panels. Hence, we will make sure:

  • We adhere to high quality and safety standards.
  • Our staff is well-versed with solar panel cleaning techniques.
  • We bring the latest equipment to ensure no dirt or stains are left.
  • We promise the swiftest response so your power is restored as soon as possible.

Oz Gutter Pro: Helping You In Protecting The Environment

Solar panels are the way forward. At Oz Gutter Pro, our goal is to ensure your panels are powered at their maximum efficiency without any dust getting in the way.

Reach out to us via our website www.OzGutterPro.com.au or leave us a call and we will visit your residence the same day!

Let us take care of your solar panels while you play your part for the environment!

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