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Signs That Your Deck Needs Repair

As soon as you set foot in a house, there is one thing that immediately catches the eye: The Deck

Even if your house is tremendously made, the one thing that elevates its look is your deck. Be it painting the deck, decorating it with furniture, or adding pots; it goes through a lot over the course of its life.

Your Deck Can Need Repairs

Many times, people are unaware that their deck needs a repair until it’s very apparent.

To make it easier for you to identify signs of deck damage, we have compiled a list of common signs which indicate that it is time to repair the deck.

  • Wood Damage

As sturdy as it is, wood is still prone to damages.

The easiest way for wood to get damaged from the inside is through termites. Since your deck has its legs in the soil, there is a high chance that it may get infested with termites or other wood-consuming insects.

External damage may also occur from excessive movement or pressure on the deck. Or perhaps you have very heavy furniture being placed on your deck, that can lead the wood to crack and the base to weaken.

Water can also damage your deck. When cleaning the deck, it is essential to remember that too much usage of water on the deck leads to extreme seepage and weakening of the wood from inside.

If you see signs of wood damage – know your deck needs repairs.

  • Rotting Wood

No matter how well taken-care-of your deck is, or how good the quality of wood used is, there is always a chance that the wood may rot.

It may be as a result of water-seepage or termites, but it can also be that the wood used was not suitable for your location.

The type of wood used should gel well with your soil as well as the weather condition in your area. If not, then this may cause the wood to start rotting, and your deck to damage and need repair.

  • Rusty Rails and Nails

One thing we can agree on is that we all like resting against our deck’s rails.

But beware!

When a deck is old, its nails, rails, and fixtures may start to rust. Not only does the rust ruin the fixtures, but it also depletes the deck and weakens it.

This usually happens due to the rain or great exposure to water otherwise.

As soon as you begin to spot rust, make the call to a deck repairer.

  • Mold

When it comes to wood, the deadliest and most silent killer is mold; not just mold, it can also be algae or fungus.

Bacterial killers of this kind are the worst for any deck. Not only do they damage the wood from inside, but they also take effect externally such that the wood goes soft and starts retaining water, leading to extreme seepage.

If you see any mold developing, make haste in calling a repairman to inspect the deck to see if the damage is reparable or needs replacement.

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