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Roof restorations

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Roof restorations Melbourne

In addition to routine cleaning, roofs require regular maintenance to look aesthetic and effectively perform their core duties.

With the rough climate ranging from severe rains to extreme winters in Australia, sometimes our roofs are unable to keep up.

This is where OZ Gutter Pro comes in.

When Do You Need Roof Restoration Services?

It is completely normal for the roof of a house to weaken after several years.

With time, all roofs can be prone to leaks and damages. Even if you have regularly cleaned and maintained your roof, it might still need restoration work.

With the severe climate that our region has to offer, it seems more likely for roofs to buckle under it.

To ensure that all is good, OZ Gutter Pro will come by for a quick visit and tell you what needs to be done!

Why Restoration Is Essential?

Roof restoration is the perfect investment for your home.

Here is why you must get your roof inspected for possible restorations every few years:

  • Protection against extreme weather,
  • Optimum safety,
  • Reduced water damage,
  • Protection from birds and animals,
  • Improved aesthetics.

Tools and Protective Gear

Before we begin any task, we make sure that we have all the tools and gear required.

Being prepared is step one of the process, and that is why we use the following tools to restore roofs:

  • Ladders,
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slate roofs,
  • Terracotta tiles,
  • EPDM rubber,
  • Processed Bitumen.

We will bring all the equipment with us — you just need to let us know your preferred materials.

How Roof Restoration Is Carried Out?

  • On-site Inspection:

Before we get bring the equipment on your roof, we prefer conducting a comprehensive inspection to figure out the best line of action for your roof.

This helps us decide the duration, cost, process, and most importantly whether the roof is in restorable condition.

  • Preparing Your Roof:

We begin by preparing your roof for restoration. Average roofs require the usual removal of debris, leaves, and rubble.

  • Restoration:

Once the preparations are completed, we start with the restoration.

Using the best tools and crew, we take extra care of the integrity of each component being put in. Each part, once in place, is tested to ensure full functionality.

  • Final Touches:

Even if we finish the restorations before schedule, we will stick around and give your roof its final touches to ensure that it is in proper working condition.

This may include checking for water flow, leaks, extra finishing coats, etc. so you don’t have to worry about any problems later on.

How Long Can Roof Restoration Take?

With a team of dedicated professionals, the right tools, and endless experience, we promise to complete restoring your roof as quickly as possible.

Depending on your roof’s condition, it can take around 3-5 days or vary slightly. But we will ensure you are back inside the home in no time!

OZ Gutter Pro Will Do It All!

So, looking to have your roof restored by the best roof restoration team in Melbourne?

With over 40 years of roof restoration experience and a team of dedicated workmen, OZ Gutter Pro promises you top-notch services with excellent value for money.

With us, your roof restoration experience will be a hassle-free one!

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