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Roof Repairing

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Roof Repairing Melbourne

The roof holds a house together. However, just like everything else, it too deteriorates overtime and needs to be effectively managed.

To keep all the rainwater out and the dust away, the best solution is to get the roof inspected and repaired every once in a while.

At OZ Gutter Pro we provide you with the quickest and most efficient of roof repairs that will last you a lifetime.

We Fix It All

When it comes to roofs, we fix anything, and everything related to them! Not only can we fix the leak in your roof, but we can also help you with:

  • Broken gutters
  • Moss
  • Poor installation
  • Broken tiles
  • Removing nests and birds

Laying Groundwork

Before beginning the repairs, we thoroughly plan out the process to avoid any complications.

Therefore, at OZ Gutter Pro, we provide you with not just a free-of-cost consultation, but also with a detailed report of where the problem in your roof lies, what we will do to fix it, and how we do that.

Identifying Damages

There are certain symptoms that show up and help us identify the problem in your roof.

Common signs of roof damage may include:

  • Water Damage:

Have you ever seen grey, blotchy spots on your walls and ceiling?

Those are water stains from seepage. These may show up when water has seeped in through a crack in the roof or a damaged tile.

  • Shingles:

With Australia’s harsh climate and unique animals, your roof may have a few misplaced components every time it rains too hard or some animal is up on the roof.

  • Broken Gutters:

Due to heavy rain and debris accumulation, your gutters may crack at some points and cause water to leak through the walls.

  • Chipped Fascia:

A lack of continuous maintenance for your fascia may lead to its corners wearing off due to the weather, decay, and sunlight.

The Roof Repairing Process

Ensuring efficiency is our top-most motive and that is why we have an intricate yet precise process designed for you:

  • On-site visit by our team of professionals to get the respective measurements and costs planned.
  • Preparation of roof before work to protect your skylights or cable dishes from any damage.
  • Repairs are made and put into place with complete focus on each component involved.
  • Final touches are done to check whether everything is in working order.

Experts For The Task

From identifying the damages to fixing them with the correct equipment and safety measures, roof repairs require every bit of skill and experience.

OZ Gutters Pro deals with all kinds of roof issues with one of the most experienced crews in the country.

Plus, we ensure all our team is on the job immediately and the work is completed in the quickest time — causing you the lease inconvenient possible.

OZ Gutter Pro Has Got Your Back!

When we say we’re the best at repairing your roof, we mean it!

Having been in the roofing and guttering business for over 40 years, OZ Gutter Pro has dealt with all sorts of roofs and their problems, and we can fix it all.

Minor leaks or major roof repairs, we can do it all.

Get in touch with OZ Gutter Pro to get your roof repaired!

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