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Roof inspection Melbourne

Roofing is the most important element of a home’s structure.

The roof of your house helps you from all kinds of harsh weather conditions and is the first line of defense against problems like harsh sun rays, wind, and rain.

Protect Your Roof

Out of sight, out of mind often implies to your rood which can be detrimental for its life and can cause serious long-term consequences.

With time your roof may deteriorate and cause problems which means that it requires to be inspected and repaired by a professional.

A roof inspection will help identify any underlying problems and give you a heads up before the problems could become large and costly.

Common Roof Problems

Homeowners usually come across these common roofing problems:

  • Weathering and aging of shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Curling or buckling of shingles
  • Damage from trees
  • Moss growth
  • Roof sagging or drooping
  • Poor ventilation
  • Leaks or cracks in the roof

Why Is Roof Inspection So Important?

Apart from increasing the roof life, there are so many other reasons as to why roof inspections are important and should be done by a professional. Some important ones include:

  • Weathering and Aging

Over time, due to exposure to natural elements, weathering and aging may occur. If not spotted on time, it could form tiny openings on the roof surface leading to water infiltration.

  • Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is key to a roof’s good performance. Removing leaves, needles, trash, and debris should be done on regular basis to avoid clogging roof drains to ensure proper drainage.

  • Maintenance Damage

Sometimes, technicians while executing any routine maintenance tasks, such as installing air conditioners or setting up a TV dish, may cause accidental damage to the roof.

Hiring Professionals For Inspection

It is important homeowners should adopt a habit of hiring professionals to inspect their roof, and that’s exactly what experts at Oz Gutter Pro do.

We help you plan the proper maintenance of your roof for any underlying problems to prevent further damage.

Types Of Roof Inspections

At Oz Gutter Pro, we understand how different roofing materials like metal, flat, slate, and shingles have different and unique requirements.

We have the tools and certification required for your roofing material and can understand how to identify problem spots.

Some common types of roof inspection include:

· Physical Roof Inspection

Our inspectors climb up on the roof and observe the condition of the roofing material. They inspect downspouts, vents, and chimneys to spot wear and tear, water accumulations, or any water or air leakages.

· Drone Roof Inspection

When accessing the roof is difficult, our roof inspector may suggest flying or hovering a drone with a camera attached to inspect the roof. The footage is inspected closely, and we provide recommendations accordingly.

· Infrared Roof Inspection

This is probably the best and most thorough type of roof inspection. An infrared survey accurately identifies roof leaks and damages without the need to open or remove shingles.

Protecting Your Roof With Oz Gutter Pro

At Oz Gutter Pro, we will make sure you don’t ever have to worry about your roofing problems ever again. We will provide a thorough inspection and ensure no issues go unnoticed.

We’re only a call away to take of all your roofing worries!

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