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Residential Services

At Oz Gutter Pro, we cater to all residential roofing, guttering, and cleaning needs.

01. Services

Soft pressure washing

Tired of all that gunk sitting in the crooks of your walls?

Our soft pressure washing is just what you need.

Using only the latest technology, we wash your house with our soft pressure nozzles that shoot hot water mixed with biodegradable chemicals that get rid of algae, mold, and all dirt in the hard-to-reach spots on your house’s external surfaces.

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resized Low pressure roof cleaning
02. Services

Low pressure roof cleaning

Does your roof still look dull despite your cleaning efforts? Our low-pressure cleaning is just the fix!

With protective harnesses to get onto the roof, our workers use low-pressure pipes and nozzles that remove leaves, dirt, algae, and what not, from those spots that are too small for you to clean.

Cleaning a roof isn’t easy but we are here to take of it for you.

03. Services

Gutter cleaning services

From gutter repairs and replacement to gutter protection, fascia removal, and more — we handle it all.

Using vacuums and pressurized-motors, we scoop out all the leaves and dirt from your gutters to keep that smelly rainwater flowing through.

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resized Residential window cleaning
04. Services

Residential window cleaning

Having only the best tools and cleaners, Oz Gutter Pro promises to leave you with spotless windows.

Using delicate measures to avoid any breakage, our crew provided the best window cleaning services in all of Melbourne!

05. Services

Concrete sealing

Hate it when your driveway looks like skin that hasn't been moisturized? That's why Oz Gutter Pro offers to seal all those cracks and edges on your concrete floors!

Not only does our concrete sealing help your driveway look fresh, but it also protects the ground from rainwater corrosion, algae, and grease stains.

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resized Concrete stain removal
06. Services

Concrete stain removal

Using only the best biodegradable chemicals, Oz Gutter Pro ensures proper stain removal to keep your concrete countertops and outdoor surfaces looking fresh!

07. Services

Restore a deck

Get rid of all those cracks, knotholes, and splinters by availing Oz Gutter Pro’s deck restoration service!

Using only the best deck restoration products, we promise to leave your deck as good as new.

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resized Painting & staining
08. Services

Painting & staining

Along with brushes and rollers, we use the latest air-spray-painting technology to give you an even coat of paint that will give your house just the aesthetics you’ve been waiting for!

Select your paint and stain and provide a completely new look to your home!

09. Services

Carpet cleaning & home sanitation

At Oz Gutter Pro, our priority is cleaning everything inside and outside your house to provide a germ-free environment for you.

With our top-of-the-line cleaning supplies and professional vacuum cleaners, your carpets will look just the way they did on the day they arrived!

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resized Roof inspection
10. Services

Roof inspection

We all know Australia’s weather and how harsh it is on our houses; to avoid any safety hazards and accidents, have your roofs checked by the professionals at Oz Gutter Pro and receive a complete report of your roof’s health!

11. Services

Roof repairs

Tired of random leaks every time it rains? Give us a ring and have your appointment set up!

With the help of our brilliant crew at Oz Gutter Pro, get your roof repaired at pocket-friendly prices and with a 10-year-workmanship-guarantee.

resized Roof repairs
resized Roof restorations
12. Services

Roof restorations

Having a leaky, water-ridden, or chipped roof can signal trouble! That’s why the people at Oz Gutter Pro are here to rid you of your problems.

Using only the best team of professionals, we assure you a safe restoration of your roof that will last you 10 long years!

13. Services

Roof cleaning

We know how a roof looks with all that algae and dirt from Australia’s crazy rain. Oz Gutter Pro knows just what to do!

Using high-pressure pipes, we clean all the grooves and edges of your roof to give it a new glow. Rest assured, our workers have safety gear on at all times to avoid accidents and give your roof the cleaning it deserves!

resized Roof cleaning
resized Solar panel cleaning
14. Services

Solar panel cleaning

Cleaning solar panels isn’t an ordinary task but our men at Oz Gutter Pro are well trained in the art!

Ensuring safety and the safe removal of all dirt accumulating on your solar panels, we promise you shiny solar panels at very pocket-friendly rates.

Make the most of the sun’s rays for your home!

15. Services

Blocked downpipe

We believe that downpipes are the heart of a house’s drainage system; with a blocked downpipe, all sewage comes to a halt.

But with Oz Gutter Pro around, you need not worry about your blocked downpipe!

Just give us a call and we’ll be right with our high-pressure vacuum motors and high-definition cameras to get your downpipe cleared.

resized Blocked downpipe
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