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Painting staining

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Painting staining Melbourne

Having an attractive exterior for your house is just as important as having an attractive interior.

To make sure your house is the finest in the neighborhood, choosing the right painting or staining service is essential.

Oz Gutter Pro is here to help you out!

The Process Before We Start

A paint job requires extensive care, calculation, and excellence. To ensure that we achieve all three, we begin with the following steps:

  • A free-of-cost consultation with the client regarding their requirements.
  • A site visit by our team to take the required measurements and calculate the material cost.
  • Ensure that all gutters, lights, and pipes are covered to avoid any splattering.
  • Apply primer.
  • Start Painting or Staining!

Top Quality Painting Materials

To provide a promising paint job, we make sure to use only the best material in the market — only those that can withstand harsh weathers and last several years.

  1. First, we apply a thin coat of primer before the actual paint. It helps us achieve better, vibrant, and more uniform colors. It also helps avoid rusting.
  2. Once the primer has completely dried, we get started with the paint.
  3. If you want bold and bright colors, two or three coats of paint are usually needed.

The Choice For Staining

Your wooden interior or exterior needs its own special touch of color i.e. staining.

With us, you have the choice between vinyl and water-based paint.

Selecting the perfect color can be quite hard so we ensure that we provide you with the widest range of colors and paint brands to choose from, for that perfect look.

The Latest Technology and Equipment

Gone are the days when we would use rollers and paintbrushes. They took twice as long and didn't give a uniform and even finish.

Choosing the right color is surely an important choice, but ensuring it sits right is even more necessary. A good paint or stain job must have a uniform finish such that the color is evenly spread throughout, giving your home the right look.

Thanks to the latest technology, we now use airless paint sprayers which significantly reduce the required amount of time.

Why Choose Oz Gutter Pro For Painting And Staining?

Be it painting or staining, we are extremely clear about our processes with our customers. As sellers, it is our job to fully inform our customers of what they are planning to get.

  • Starting from guiding you on the best choice of stain and paint for your property, we walk you through each step.
  • Whether you plan on having a complete makeover or only want to breathe life with a few layers of coats, our packages are pocket-friendly.
  • All safety measures are taken and we ensure no paint stains are left.
  • We will ensure the job is completed promptly and thoroughly.

The Oz Way To Paint And Stain

Painting and staining are some services you only want to avail after several years. Thus, it is important to ensure they are done absolutely right.

With 40 years of painting and staining experience, Oz Gutter Pro promises to give you a uniform finish that you always dream of!

Give us a call or visit us to select the best package and material to transform the look of your home!

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