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Replace Or Repair: How To Make The Right Choice For Your Gutters

For the most part, gutters can last for a decade or two, but just like any part of your house, they too require some repairs or replacement here and there.

If your guttering needs some work done, but you can’t figure out whether it needs some repair or replacement, here are some signs that will help you make the right choice.

Signs Your Gutter Needs Repairing

Normal wear and tear of products is a part of life, but it’s vital to repair them before the problem escalates.

  1. Water Is Sitting Still In Your Gutter

Did you recently clear out your gutter from all the dirt and debris? But why is the water still sitting in your gutter?

This may be a sign that either your gutter is clogged, or the angle of the gutter is not aligned properly.

Contact guttering professionals immediately so they can inspect what needs to be repaired.

  • Pests Around Your Gutter

Have you been noticing squirrels or insects near your gutter?

Well, that’s a sign that your gutter is clogged. Due to still water and clogs, rats, and insects swarm near the gutter.

It’s nature’s way of giving you signs that you need to repair your gutter!

  • Nails Or Screws In Your Backyard

If you notice a few nails or bolts lying on the grass, don’t brush them off. These nails and screws may be from the part of the gutter that has come undone.

This could point to a possible mistake made during installation.

Signs Your Gutter Needs Replacement

While some problems can easily be solved by repaired guttering, sometimes, the problem is graver.

Here are signs that you need to look out for when your gutter needs replacement:

  1. Paint Peeling Off Or Rust

Paint peeling from your walls is a sign to look out for

The paint doesn’t peel off from the walls from a small leak. It begins to peel off when the water sitting on the surface gets absorbed by the walls overtime.

By that point, gutter replacement is the only solution to minimize the damage.

Similarly, if you see that your gutter has developed rust, it’s better to get it replaced before it ruins the other parts.

  • Molds Or Wetness In The Basement

Do you spot mold developing in your basement?

Is the roof of your basement feeling damp?

These are signs that the water from the gutter didn’t flow down, instead, it trickled down the house and got absorbed by the walls.

Another reason could be potentially leaky pipes or flooding.

A gutter replacement is a good solution so you can prevent your foundation from getting severely damaged. In addition, if the issue was due to leaky pipes, it is suggested that you get the pipes fixed too, to prevent future harm.


Your gutter may require a small repair or it may require complete replacement, but if you’re wondering who to contact for honest inspection and efficient work, then OZ Gutter Pro is your true calling.

Just one call and all your gutter problems would be fixed in no time!

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