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Concrete stain removal

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Concrete stain removal Melbourne

Concrete was once used only in driveways and roads. Now, it is also used for indoor flooring and countertops at home.

Concrete is a flexible, fire-resistant, and durable construction material hence its wide use throughout.

However, due to their nature of being used outside, they are majorly affected by snow, salt, moisture, high temperature, and acid rain. Hence, it requires extra attention and care to remove stains.

Oz Gutter Pro provides the concrete care your home needs!

Importance Of Removing Stains From Concrete

Stains are unpleasant and bothering. Not only do they affect the longevity of your concrete surfaces but also give an overall bad cosmetic look to your place.

You may have noticed a brownish-orange stain on your driveway or concrete countertop after leaving a wet metal object on it.

Well, that is rust — and trust us when we tell you it is not a good sign. If rust stains are left for a long time it makes it even harder for them to remove.

Type Of Stains

Concrete stains can be caused by various reasons and thus are removed in specific ways.

Common types of concrete stains include:

  • Rust stains caused by garden tools, patio furniture, and other metal objects left on the driveway.
  • BBQ grease stains, Motor oil stains, and paint stains
  • Tire marks
  • Mud and Foliage stains
  • Pet stains

We assure you all stains can be removed. Some may require just a little more effort than others!

Maintenance Of Concrete

Regular maintenance of concrete surfaces is very important. It not only keeps the surface looking its best but also extends its life considerably.

At Oz Gutter Pro, we recommend and follow these steps ourselves to keep concrete free from stains:

  • Sealing your concrete to prevent staining and surface damage.
  • Removing stains immediately to prevent discoloration or permanent stains.
  • Cleaning your concrete regularly to remove debris and dirt – giving it a new look.
  • Avoid using the wrong chemicals to prevent damaging your concrete seal and the surface.

The Professional Way To Remove Concrete Stains

Concrete stain removal requires proper tools to get the job done efficiently.

Our experts at Oz Gutter Pro will first review and analyze the current state of your concrete surfaces. Based on that, we will discuss your options and proceed with the best method to mitigate any property damage.

This is how our team at Oz Gutter Pro goes about removing concrete stains:

  • We remove oil, rust, alcohol, and oil stains. We are also equipped to remove gum from your curbs and driveways.
  • Our experts use eco-friendly cleansers to not only protect the environment but also not cause harm to your home landscaping.
  • Our degreasing agents will help remove all stubborn stains like oil, alcohol, rust, and grease.
  • Our concrete sealers are top of the line. It will increase the longevity of your concrete surfaces, and protect them from outside elements like salt, rain, and water.

Do Away With The Stains With Oz Gutter Pro

No matter how old the stain or what caused it, at Oz Gutter Pro, we excel in removing all types of stains with specialized cleaners and a professional team.

Want your driveway or countertop to regain its shine? Simply get in touch with the best concrete stain removers near you.

At Oz Gutter Pro, we are only a call away!

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