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Commercial Services

Oz Gutter Pro caters to all your commercial cleaning needs

Ranking top amongst all of Melbourne's cleaning services, we go the extra-mile to delight you, allowing you to focus on the other important things.

We offer the following range of commercial services:

01. Services

Commercial pressure washing

Also known as power washing, this method of cleaning gives your building the looks to match with our business!

Using high-pressure pipes, extremely hot water is sprayed at the external surface to rid them of all sorts of pollutants including dirt, mold, algae, and whatnot.

Not only is it a brilliant way of having your building safe from all external decays, but also a way to improve on your aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to clients, a clean and stylish building appeals to them the most, and we suggest our commercial pressure cleaning service to help you achieve that!

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02. Services

Commercial window cleaning

At Oz Gutter Pro, we believe that windows act as a looking glass for customers to see through.

With our high-pressure washing equipment and highly skilled professionals, we make sure your windows are shiny and clear.

To reach those high windows, we are fully equipped with safety harnesses, equipment, and licensing.

Our crew is fully trained in cleaning, scrubbing, and washing commercial windows.

Enjoy the stunning views and soak in the sun’s vibrant light with spotless windows!

03. Services

Specialty cleaning

To keep your clientele close, a clean and safe environment is key.

With our specialty cleaning services for commercial buildings, we scrub every edge and corner of your workplace and bring it into day one condition.

Be it scrubbing floors, repairing them, cleaning fixtures and fittings, or anything in the workplace, we clean it all.

We believe that having the best materials is key to providing commercial services; that is why we use cleaners, scrubs, and detergents that bring out the best in your workplace. 

An immaculate workspace – even better workers!

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04. Services

Commercial gutter cleaning

To keep a business running smoothly, all its operations should be in perfect condition to adhere to international safety standards.

At Oz Gutter Pro, we provide you with the best gutter cleaning to keep those gutters free of any grime or algae build-up.

Using only the latest cleaning pipes, high visibility camera, and suction motors amongst other machinery, we assure you that we are all that your gutters need.

Keep the water flowing smoothly and have your gutter protected from rust and dust!

05. Services

Commercial Building Restoration

External factors such as weather, mold, and dust play a huge role in the aging process of a building.

At Oz Gutter Pro, we provide special building restoration services that rid your building of all excessive gunk and extend its lifespan.

Our extremely skilled and dedicated workers, ensure long-lasting building restorations to strengthen your workplace and enhance curb appeal for all your customers — potential and existing.

Leave your building’s care to us while you look after your customers!

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Oz Gutter Pro:

Is The Solution

No matter what the size of your building is, we’ve got costing plans accordingly.

Do not wait for a second longer to avail of Melbourne’s best commercial cleaning and gutter services — just give us a call!

With our free quotation and 24/7 customer care helpline, we are one call away from getting the perfect fix for all your commercial needs.

Oz Gutter Pro — a promise of the highest standards of commercial cleaning services!

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