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Blocked downpipe

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Blocked downpipe Melbourne

The downpipes of your home are as important as your gutters.

When your downpipes are blocked, your gutters do too automatically. Hence, you are left with a problem that may be very difficult to handle on your own.

In such a situation, Oz Gutter Pro is your trusted cleaning service that handles your downpipes and frees you from the trouble!

Why You Might Need To Clear Your Downpipe?

To understand the importance of clear gutters, understanding the anatomy of your roof is crucial.

  1. Your roof’s gutter encircles your roof. This particular feature enables all run-down rainwater to flow down the roof and avoids all sorts of seepage problems.
  2. Since roofs in Australia are not self-clearing and the weather is rather harsh, rainwater may cause leaves, algae, and all sorts of a debris to build up in your gutters.
  3. This blockage would, of course, restrict and reduce the usual water flow, and in turn, make it seep into the roof or the walls of your house.

To help avoid this problem altogether, OZ Gutter Pro is here to help you keep your downpipe and gutters cleared!

Signs Of A Blocked Downpipe

With the entire house to look after, it isn't easy to keep an eye out for gutter problems all the time. But with these common indicators, it sure would be easier for you to identify a blocked downpipe:

  • Splash-back from the pipes
  • Cracks in the foundations of the house
  • Mold or lichen

Of course, signs may differ for every house, but these are a few common ones that will help know when to give us a call!

Count On Professionals To Assist You

While it may seem like the immediate fix, we recommend you do not consider unblocking the downpipes yourself. This is because of two very important aspects:

  • Your Safety
  • Further Accidental Damage

The Tools Required For Unblocking Downpipes

At Oz Gutter Pro, our team is trained to deal with all kinds of blocked downpipe situations.

We always bring the necessary tools with us to ensure your downpipe is cleared swiftly without causing any more damage.

These are the essential tools we use:

  • Solid Ladder
  • Protective Gloves
  • Drainage Rod
  • Stiff Wire
  • Power Hose

Restoring The Flow

Depending on the debris or leaves accumulated and the type of pipes, we approach the cleaning with different tools.

If your pipes are vertical, pushing a drainage rod in and out may be enough. But with irregular fittings, a stiff wire helps us remove the clogs.

In cases where the blockage is heavy or difficult to reach, we employ a power hose to force open the flow. We ensure great care to not use excessive pressure that harms the pipes.

Maintaining Your Downpipes

If you are experiencing regular blocked downpipes, we will provide a thorough check-up and make sure the cause is identified.

In any case, having your downpipes cleared by Oz Gutter Pro once or twice every year ensures your gutters do no overflow, and you are not left in an emergency situation.

Oz Gutter To The Rescue

We know what a headache blocked downpipes can be. Whenever you find the signs, contact Oz Gutter Pro immediately.

We will arrive in no time to fix your downpipes and restore the water flow.

To keep your downpipes clean and functioning — trust Oz Gutter Pro!

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